Project Vidyavan is a  Community learning project in remote tribal villages of Dharampur and Vansda talukas. 90% of the villagers are small farmers or landless labourers. +50% of students admitted into Shantaba Vidyalaya YOY come from these zones. Vidyavan centers ensure the service of providing quality education is decentralised. MECT initiated the pilot Vidyavan project in 2022-23. From 5 centers the service has grown to 25 by the end of the academic year, catering to 700 students in primary grades. A typical Vidyavan Center is run by am MECT trained community woman who provides both remedial education and supplementary nutrition to young children. Key features being piloted are:
– Access to 20-30 primary grade students for 2.50 hours every day at each center (village).
– Daily routine comprise of digital inputs, learning cards and various indoor and outdoor games.
– Daily nutrition in the form of breakfast and an evening snack is being provided.
– Special coaching on Sundays for the government’s Eklavya School Entrance exams.
Annual Cost of a Vidyavan Center (avg. 25 students): Rs 240,000/- (USD 3000)
Annual Cost of a Vidyavan child (grade 2-5): Rs 10,000/- (USD 125)