An Orphanage Patroned
Malvi Educational and Charitable Trust.
Appeal to donors

Dear Sir /Madam,

Malvi educational and charitable Trust, has achieved a reasonable successful height by running “Shantaba Vidyalaya”. The tree is developing gracefully with so many ever green branches under the banners of Play group, Dr. J.C. Shah primary school, Veer Ajay Bhartia high school, higher secondary. The progress will definitely achieve the height of the sky with the positive cooperation of you people.

Shantaba Vidyalaya is a totally free educational institution for the children of socio-economically weaker section of society. The trust have decided to make an humble effort of adorning a bright branch by providing shelter to orphans as well as children deprived of any of their parent , or both under the bright and broad banner   called “VATSALYADHAM”.

Initiated in the year 2007, “Vatsalyadham” started by hosting a modest number of sixteen Childrens is now sheltering 265 childrens. In addition to, they are getting three times meal and complete amenity kit of daily needs i.e. uniform, socks, shoes, hair oil, tooth brush, paste, soap, shampoo etc. Children being the student of “Shantaba Vidyalaya”, are getting all study material totally free, MECT is always trying to make their living as comfortable as possible by providing mattress, bed-sheets, pillow, mosquito net etc.

MECT is also very much aware about the medication and good health of it’s children. Every Sunday, the children receive preventive medical alteration supported by “Bapa Sitaram” Family Medical Team.

Vatsalyadham has a team of seven enthusiastic resident teachers having individual alteration to the education of each and every child, apart from school time.

All above activities are being carried out from a make- shift shelter not adequate enough to host them. There is an urgent need for building a shelter with required amenities. We hereby seek your cooperation for this noble cause.

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Thanks for the time sparing for the appeal, we appreciate the donor with you and look forward a generous contribution in this noble cause. if you wish to pay us a visit , we would be glad to make necessary arrangement for the same,

Thanking you in advance..

Sincerely Yours

On behalf of MECT,
Parimal Parmar